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The next few weeks are going to be a challenge for me in terms of how I’m going to get the colours, patterns and decorating detail I’m desperate to live with past the grouped monoliths of partner with decorating schedule and creative ideas of his own, contractors who can’t understand why I wouldn’t want the largest possible bathroom tiles ‘They’re easier to rig up’, electricians who want to slap up big plastic exterior lights right onto about the only ‘feature’ on the front of the house, the porch etc… Hmmm.


…for the day job, and I keep coming back to this, sourced from google images. I’ll have to check the reference, but get a load of the colour palette…


Confetti System, as seen on the ace StyleBubble blog…


I love this interior by Suzy Hoodless. The matte
colours, alongside those metallic surfaces are looking damned good.

Sorting through my fabric favourites, I came across these delights. Yes they’re bold, but look how happy they are together!!



What a treasure this shop Wayward is. I love anywhere that’s offering to sell me bundles of ‘traditional Dutch hand loom indigo dye wool’… Stuffed full of vintage bolts of fabric and trims. Buckets of aged beads too that you shovel into a paper bag like a quarter of boiled sweets. A must see on any day trip down to the coast at St Leonard’s.

Heavenly blue ombré wallpaper and John Derian swallow plate at Designers Guild

Lichen, dry stone wall, near Hay-on-Wye.