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It transpires that trying to blog about a house renovation whilst actually doing it, and holding down a full time job, and a six year old, has proved beyond me! Not quite the Superwoman I’d hoped… However, as the mist begins to clear, I’d like to share some of the details we’ve used to make the place our own…

This crisp, smartly stripey, and very generous laundry basket from Rockett St George has been the perfect find for a laundry bin that has to be on show.
It disappears stuff so effectively I’ve ordered a couple more in order to let it work its magic in our youngsters room…

The Cloth House comes up trumps again with this set of deliciously rich cotton prints. Now all I need is the Spitalfields house I’d like to decorate with them…



What a treasure this shop Wayward is. I love anywhere that’s offering to sell me bundles of ‘traditional Dutch hand loom indigo dye wool’… Stuffed full of vintage bolts of fabric and trims. Buckets of aged beads too that you shovel into a paper bag like a quarter of boiled sweets. A must see on any day trip down to the coast at St Leonard’s.

Heavenly blue ombré wallpaper and John Derian swallow plate at Designers Guild

Just spotted at Tim Page Carpets. Yes please…

… and while we’re thinking about tassels, this little beauty by Buki Akib at Darkroom spotted at Design Junction, with its ace tassel Mohican on the shoulder of the strap. I’m saving up… Darkroom

The Cloth House, at the Oxford St end of Berwick St in Soho, provided a much needed dose of delight and inspiration the other day…