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I’ve realised that this bold and pretty Kantha blanket on the Cloth House website (130x190cm) £250 would be the perfect way to loosen up our rather too ‘still’ English Green bedroom, which still hasn’t quite come to life since having to make lots of decorating decisions artificially fast this time last year. Think that now we’ve had a chance to live in the space for a bit there will be lots of little notions pushing their way through…

Amidst the sometimes slightly too girly-girly pieces at Anthropologie, are real treasures to be found. These Swirled Geode knobs and Streamline handles are going to do no end of favours to any piece they’re paired with. This is the way to up-cycle…


The next few weeks are going to be a challenge for me in terms of how I’m going to get the colours, patterns and decorating detail I’m desperate to live with past the grouped monoliths of partner with decorating schedule and creative ideas of his own, contractors who can’t understand why I wouldn’t want the largest possible bathroom tiles ‘They’re easier to rig up’, electricians who want to slap up big plastic exterior lights right onto about the only ‘feature’ on the front of the house, the porch etc… Hmmm.


one of the real perks of the job, getting to see and work in spaces like this, a bomb damaged church just off the main drag of the less than picturesque Old Kent Road.



The upside of attending an epic 5 hour long children’s party; these rather lovely paintings adorning the old school hall that was the venue. Not sure who the artist was, as the panels that would have most likely revealed it were hidden behind a bouncy castle…


I’m lining up to watch the film “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel” and can’t stop thinking about this fabulous crimson interior with all it’s strength and vibrant patterning layered up together. And she sits, wonderfully bold in front of it all, like a silhouette. Very clever and I love it.

I love this interior by Suzy Hoodless. The matte
colours, alongside those metallic surfaces are looking damned good.

Sorting through my fabric favourites, I came across these delights. Yes they’re bold, but look how happy they are together!!











This shot’s been in the back of my mind for a while with regard to interior spaces for this blog, and although I’m surprised to find it feels a touch dated, I still love the spirit of it. I love it not for the LV luggage, but for the transient excitement of travel that it suggests. Then there’s the looseness of it, the ‘rock portrait as icon’ in the framed image, the relaxed enjoyment and lack of preciousness in the use of some serious Prouve.











Jessica Light’s work is something I just delight in every time I see it. She’s breathing new life into a fading industry and perhaps most importantly, making it both highly desirable and accessible to a new audience. Hurrah for her!