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a real treat to start the day at Contemporary Applied Arts gallery this morning, for the Emmanuel Cooper retrospective. From considered 70s stoneware to recent glazes of heavenly hue…


The next few weeks are going to be a challenge for me in terms of how I’m going to get the colours, patterns and decorating detail I’m desperate to live with past the grouped monoliths of partner with decorating schedule and creative ideas of his own, contractors who can’t understand why I wouldn’t want the largest possible bathroom tiles ‘They’re easier to rig up’, electricians who want to slap up big plastic exterior lights right onto about the only ‘feature’ on the front of the house, the porch etc… Hmmm.


one of the real perks of the job, getting to see and work in spaces like this, a bomb damaged church just off the main drag of the less than picturesque Old Kent Road.

…for the day job, and I keep coming back to this, sourced from google images. I’ll have to check the reference, but get a load of the colour palette…


The Cloth House comes up trumps again with this set of deliciously rich cotton prints. Now all I need is the Spitalfields house I’d like to decorate with them…


I’m lining up to watch the film “Diana Vreeland: The Eye Has To Travel” and can’t stop thinking about this fabulous crimson interior with all it’s strength and vibrant patterning layered up together. And she sits, wonderfully bold in front of it all, like a silhouette. Very clever and I love it.


Amy Sia‘s washy watercolour textiles are splashy, and vibrant, and will brighten any room you throw them into.

a textile design detail from an album of designs by William Kilburn (1745-1818), at the

Sorting through my fabric favourites, I came across these delights. Yes they’re bold, but look how happy they are together!!