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I love this interior by Suzy Hoodless. The matte
colours, alongside those metallic surfaces are looking damned good.

alongside my dream hoard of Soendergaard ceramics, I’d also like to have shelves full of Charlotte Storrs’ lovely stoneware…

Pablo Picasso. Line-and-dot drawing, 1931.

Sorting through my fabric favourites, I came across these delights. Yes they’re bold, but look how happy they are together!!

So, for me, this new year has a rather exciting new flavour. I’ve been lucky enough to be granted a sabbatical from work, the main purpose of which is to work on an interior decorating project for a lovely lady in Germany, whose other home I worked on with her a year or so ago. So over the next two months I’ll be knee deep in more beautiful fabrics, furniture and all the finishing touches, with the aim of adding a fresh lease of life to this lovely traditional style Bavarian farmhouse. I’ll endeavour to share some of my finds, and thoughts as the problem solving begins in earnest…



What a treasure this shop Wayward is. I love anywhere that’s offering to sell me bundles of ‘traditional Dutch hand loom indigo dye wool’… Stuffed full of vintage bolts of fabric and trims. Buckets of aged beads too that you shovel into a paper bag like a quarter of boiled sweets. A must see on any day trip down to the coast at St Leonard’s.