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Fermoie Fabrics have recently launched, and offer a beautifully put together selection of small scale prints and textures in richly lovely colours.

One the most desirable pieces at the Decorex interiors show last week.
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I’d love a room that combined the sharp coolness of the studded ivory leather  in the fashion shot with the vintage serendipity of the ceramics image. And a shot of that lovely soft rust red wouldn’t hurt either. Mmm…

Lichen, dry stone wall, near Hay-on-Wye.

I’d like to translate this look into an interior scheme. Using the slick silhouette, richly coloured pattern, and the popping emerald green, and the fun of the pompoms. Watch this space – but don’t hold your breath…

This is a seriously good looking kitchen but what I especially love is that it could work in a normal house or flat (rather than needing mansion space and budget). Also, what I really like is that has a lovely light spirited feel…

The other boxes this ticks for me are:
the deep wall colour, and the fab little pendants in copper and aluminium that generally I find a bit twee, but here the metallic colours and textures compliment the rest of the surfaces just perfectly.

Some would say it’s a strange thing to get excited about, but seeing new tile collections as they’re passing through my hands at work, tantalising, always just out of reach, have turned these often mundane decorating elements into real objects of desire. The Ladrillo (white brick tile) and the Evora (encaustic) are both to be found at



I will come to sound like a broken record, as the Finnish thing is going to come up with tedious frequency…
So, for starters, there’s the orderly brick tiled floor, the heavenly blue Poulsen pendant, the perfectly simple dining furniture and the handful of garden flowers. Makes my shoulders begin to drop, just looking at it… This image is from a book by the founders of the brilliant Skandium.


I’m drawn to small scale pattern at the moment, as perfectly exemplified by these vintage book jackets.