I’ve realised that this bold and pretty Kantha blanket on the Cloth House website (130x190cm) £250 would be the perfect way to loosen up our rather too ‘still’ English Green bedroom, which still hasn’t quite come to life since having to make lots of decorating decisions artificially fast this time last year. Think that now we’ve had a chance to live in the space for a bit there will be lots of little notions pushing their way through…


Had I £937.50 +VAT to spare (and even a half-decent front door), this very pretty Victorian knocker is the one I’d go for, just spotted on Tyson Ltd. One for the wish list…

I was hoping that behind the grimy old wallpapers of our ‘1898 vintage’ house we’d be laying bare stretches of wonderful old textural plasterwork. No such luck. Looked like it had been done last week. However, the extensive old mends on our front reception ceiling actually had bags of charm, so we decided to let the ceiling do its thing. It’s helped soften down the newness of the painted walls and pitch-dark oak floor.
Happily resigned to occasional bewildered comments from older relatives asking why we’ve left the painting of the ceiling ’til last….

It transpires that trying to blog about a house renovation whilst actually doing it, and holding down a full time job, and a six year old, has proved beyond me! Not quite the Superwoman I’d hoped… However, as the mist begins to clear, I’d like to share some of the details we’ve used to make the place our own…

This crisp, smartly stripey, and very generous laundry basket from Rockett St George has been the perfect find for a laundry bin that has to be on show.
It disappears stuff so effectively I’ve ordered a couple more in order to let it work its magic in our youngsters room…


Oh dear, another fabric I ‘must have’ – House of Hackney‘s ace new print on linen and velvet. Ticks two of my favourite boxes: ‘animal print’ AND ‘pleasingly odd’, and the colouring is delicately different too…

a real treat to start the day at Contemporary Applied Arts gallery this morning, for the Emmanuel Cooper retrospective. From considered 70s stoneware to recent glazes of heavenly hue…


Amidst the sometimes slightly too girly-girly pieces at Anthropologie, are real treasures to be found. These Swirled Geode knobs and Streamline handles are going to do no end of favours to any piece they’re paired with. This is the way to up-cycle…


The next few weeks are going to be a challenge for me in terms of how I’m going to get the colours, patterns and decorating detail I’m desperate to live with past the grouped monoliths of partner with decorating schedule and creative ideas of his own, contractors who can’t understand why I wouldn’t want the largest possible bathroom tiles ‘They’re easier to rig up’, electricians who want to slap up big plastic exterior lights right onto about the only ‘feature’ on the front of the house, the porch etc… Hmmm.


one of the real perks of the job, getting to see and work in spaces like this, a bomb damaged church just off the main drag of the less than picturesque Old Kent Road.




… about to head off to the Cotswolds next week to shoot a story with the team at work inspired by ‘the modernists’, and was set to thinking about the design tour de force that was French architect and designer Charlotte Perriand.